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No. Title Description Keywords
01. What is C++? A description of what C++ is and why it is used. None
02. Setting Up Your Environment Taking you through the steps of setting up Visual Studio.NET, Dev-C++ or Unix / Linux for C++. None
03. Main Function How to create the main function for your program. main
04. Basic Output How to output text to a console window using C and C++. printf, cout, system, endl
05. Data Types A glance at what data types are available when describing information in C++. sizeof
06. Advanced Output How to print variables in C and how to format output in C++. printf, cout, setw, endl
07. Arrays How to store many data items in a single variable called an array. None
08. Pointers What are pointers and how do we use them? None
09. Input How to record basic input from the user's keyboard. scanf, cin
10. Advanced Input How to record advanced input from the user's keyboard. gets, getline
11. Arithmetic Operators How to accomplish basic arithmetic in C / C++. None
12. Relational Operators What is a boolean data type? What are relational and logical operators? None
13. If Statement How to use the if statement to make decisions in your programs. if
14. Switch Statement How to use the switch statement to make decisions in your programs. The break keyword is also explained. switch, break
15. While Loop How to use the while loop to repeat a segment of code. while
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