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No. Title Description Keywords
16. Do-While Loop What a Do-While loop is and how it can be used. while
17. For Loop What a For loop is and how it can be used. The break keyword is revisited and the continue keyword is also looked at. for, break, continue
18. Ternary Operator An explanation of the ternary operator and how it can be used effectively. None
19. Scope What is scope and why do you need to understand it? None
20. Functions What are functions and how can they be used? None
21. Function Parameters How can additional information be passed to functions. None
22. References What are references and how do they differ to pointers? None
23. Passing Parameters What is the difference between passing parameters by value and passing variables by reference. None
24. Macros What are macros and how can they make your life easier? #define
25. Multi-Dimensional Arrays How do you create Multi-Dimensional arrays and how do you reference their elements? None
26. Typedef How can the typedef keyword be used to simplify code? typedef
27. Structures What are structures and how are they implemented in C and C++? struct
28. Advanced Structures What are some of the extra features of structures and how can they be used effectively? struct
29. Typecasting How can you convert(cast) a variable to another type? None
30. Command Line Arguments How can arguments be passed to your program from the command line? argv, argc
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