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01. GLUT Window GLUT Window This tutorial will explain how to create an OpenGL window using GLUT. glutInit, glutInitWindowPosition, glutInitWindowSize, glutDisplayFunc, glutCreateWindow, glutMainLoop
02. Keyboard Input Keyboard Input How can messages from the keyboard be processed using GLUT? glutGetModifiers, GLUT_ACTIVE_*, GLUT_KEY_*, glutIgnoreKeyRepeat, glutKeyboardFunc, glutKeyboardUpFunc, glutSpecialFunc, glutSpecialUpFunc
03. Mouse Input Mouse Input How can messages from the mouse be processed using GLUT? GLUT_*_BUTTON, GLUT_DOWN, GLUT_UP, GLUT_ENTERED, GLUT_LEFT, glutMouseFunc, glutMotionFunc, glutPassiveMotionFunc, glutEntryFunc
04. Rendering And Animation Rendering And Animation How is GLUT used to render your scenes and how can the frames be updated to allow for smooth animation? glutSwapBuffers, glutPostRedisplay, glutInitDisplayMode, GLUT_SINGLE, GLUT_DOUBLE, GLUT_RGBA, GLUT_BUFFER, glutIdleFunc
05. Fullscreen Fullscreen How can GLUT be used to switch to fullscreen mode? glutFullScreen, glutReshapeWindow, glutPositionWindow
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