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31. Enumerations What are enumerations and how can they be used to simplify code? enum
32. Character Strings How can C style strings be manipulated using the many functions at your disposal? strlen, strcat, strchr, strstr, strcmp, stricmp, strcpy, strncpy
33. C++ Strings How are C++ strings created and how can they be manipulated using their built in methods? string, string::length, string::find_first_of, string::find_last_of, string::find, string::compare, string::substr, string::replace
34. Recursion What is recursion, how is it implemented and what must you look out for when using it? None
35. Random Numbers How can random numbers be effectively generated. rand, srand
36. Function Overloading What is overloading and how can you use it to create functions with the same name. None
37. Writing Text Files How do you write textual data to a file in C and C++? FILE, fopen, fprintf, fputs, fputc, fclose, ofstream, ofstream::open, ofstream::good, ofstream::put, ofstream::close
38. Reading Text Files How can data be read from text files in C and C++? FILE, fopen, fgetc, fgets, fscanf, fclose, ifstream, ifstream::good, ifstream::get, ifstream::getline, ifstream::close, getline
39. String Streams What are string streams and how can they be used to extract data from strings? sscanf, stringstream, isdigit, stringstream::peek, stringstream::get
40. Memory Allocation How can memory be allocated to avoid using up the stack? malloc, free, new, delete
41. Dynamic Arrays How can the size of an array be determined at run-time instead of at compile time? malloc, free, new, delete
42. Dynamic Matrices How are dynamic matrices created using double pointers? new, delete
43. String-Number Conversions How can numbers and strings be converted between each other effectively? atoi, itoa, stringstream, stringstream::str, ios_base
44. Namespaces What are namespaces and how can they be used to avoid ambiguity? namespace
45. Function Templates What are templates and how can they be used to allow more than one data type to be used for a function. template, class
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