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What is C?

C was created by Dennis Ritchie at the Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1972. It was specifically created to be used to design the UNIX operating system.

All information stored in a computer is stored using 0's and 1's. To be able to communicate with the computer, it is therefore necessary to use 0's and 1's. This could become quite overwhelming for most people and a language known as Assembly was created.

This allowed programmers to be able to send instructions to the computer's CPU and to program the computer to fulfill their desires.

As this set of tutorials is not concentrating on Assembly, further explanations will not be provided.

C was created to be a high-level language which is more easily readable by most people.

What is C++?

C++ built on C to become an Object Oriented (OO) language. This means that you are able to create objects (eg. A car or a cat) which allow you to efficiently encapsulate your data, allowing greater reuse and management of code.

Why use C++

C and C++ have many advantages. As with everything, they do have their disadvantages.



  • They are extremely fast
  • They can be used on any Operating System
  • You have more control
  • Very reliable
  • You have to do your own memory management
  • More complicated than other languages
  • It usually takes longer to accomplish a task compared to other languages
  • You have to do your own memory management

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