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No. Title Description Keywords
46. Classes What are classes and how can they be used to encapsulate data? class, public
47. Constructors How are constructors used to initialize the data of an object? None
48. Destructors How are destructors used to clean up after an object is destroyed? None
49. Access Specifiers What are access specifiers and how are they used to hide information effectively? public, private
50. Getters And Setters A common technique when using classes is that of getters and setters. Why are they used and how can they help us? None
51. This Pointer How is a class able to reference itself? this
52. Copy Constructors Whenever an object is passed as a parameter, it is copied. How is a copy constructor created to make sure that the object is copied correctly? None
53. Operator Overloading How do you create your own operators to use with your classes? These operators include operators such as +, -, ++, *=, !, etc. operator
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