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plz help me?
plz ineed help idont have any idea about this question:
Create five windows with titles: Me, Rectangle, Triangle, Point, and Circle. o When the program is run the corresponding shapes should be drawn inside the windows, a rectangle in the rectangle window and so on, the first window should display your name and ID number and serial number.
o All the shapes can have different colors assigned to it by pressing a keyboard key;
• R for red • G for green • B for blue
o The program should exit if the user presses q key.
o The program should respond to user mouse clicks: • A left click inside rectangle window will cause the rectangle to be moved so that the upper-left corner resides on where the mouse was clicked while preserving the geometric properties of the rectangle. • A left click inside the Triangle window will cause the triangle to disappear, while a right click will make it show again. • A click inside the Point window will cause the point to move in any direction until it hits the sides of the window, there where it should bounce to the opposite direction depending on the angle it hit the side, a right click should stop the point.(the movement should be eye tractable). • A left click inside the Circle window should make it go bigger until it touches the boundaries of the window then it should go smaller until the radius is equal to 0 and so on. A right click will stop circle resizing.
o Use double buffered display mode to enhance animation.

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