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25 April

XNA Game Studio Express 1.0 Refresh Released

XNA Game Studio Express 1.0 Refresh has been released and is available for download. New features include bitmap font support, XACT 3D audio, new deployment features and much more.

10 April

DirectX April SDK Released

A new version of the DirectX SDK (April 2007) is now available for download. This new release features improvements to the XACT UI, PIX, the shader compiler and adds a new sample which demonstrates effect pools.

28 March

AGE UI Editor v0.0.1 Alpha

"AGE is a 3D software development kit for Windows for developing graphicals applications with multithread support built on top of the OpenGL or Direct3D API. It offers automatic resource management, a scene graph support and an highly configurable 3D GUI. The new UI Editor alpha v0.0.1 lets design and build widgets and windows using on-screen forms using the same widgets that will be used in your AGE application. A public release of the AGE SDK will be available soon."

26 March

Ogre 1.4.0 Released

"The OGRE Team is proud to announce the final stable release of OGRE 1.4.0, codenamed 'Eihort'. OGRE is an open-source, cross-platform real-time 3D rendering engine including all the latest features you would expect, and this version introduces such things as SSE/SIMD support, more advanced lighting and shadowing techniques, threaded loading and much more."

16 February

February DirectX SDK Released

The latest version of the DirectX SDK is now available. New features in this release include updated libraries to support the initial release of Windows Vista, In addition, several new samples and articles have been added.

15 December

DirectX December SDK Released

Microsoft has released their new December 2006 DirectX SDK, which contains the first official release of DirectX 10.

12 December

XNA Game Studio Express 1.0 Released

"The XNA team is proud to announce the availability of the 1.0 release of XNA Game Studio Express and the XNA Framework, aimed at helping students and hobbyists build games for Windows and the Xbox 360. This release supports both Windows game development and Xbox 360 development (subscription to the XNA Creators Club is required in order to run XNA-based games on the Xbox 360)."

30 November

Irrlicht 1.2 and irrEdit 0.6 Released

"A new version of the Irrlicht Engine engine has been released along witha new version of the irrEdit world editor."

8 November

Microsoft released .NET 3.0

Microsoft today released the .NET Framework 3.0, which contains the final release of the Windows Presentation Foundation.

2 November

Microsoft XNA Beta 2 Released

The XNA team is proud to announce the availability of the XNA Game Studio Express Beta 2, aimed at helping students and hobbyists build games for Windows and the Xbox 360. This release is targeted at Windows game development only, and contains several changes from the previous release.

27 October

AMD completes ATI acquisition

AMD has completed the acquisition of ATI for $5.4 billion USD, allowing the new entity to pursue the development of new hardware solutions.
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25 October

Sony Ericsson OpenGL ES 1.1 SDK

In a recent press release, Sony Ericsson announced the release of their Symbian-based OpenGL ES 1.1 SDK for their next-gen mobile platforms.

21 October

NVPerfKit 2.1 Released

"NVIDIA have released NVPerfKit 2.1, the latest version of their comprehensive suite of performance tools for debugging and profiling OpenGL and Direct3D software applications for Windows and, for the first time, Linux."

18 September

Rasteroid 3.1 Released

Hybrid Graphics Ltd. has released version 3.1 of Hybrid Rasteroid, the open-standard middleware for OpenGL ES content development. This new version is free for both non-commercial and commercial development.

24 August

Irrlicht 1.1 Released

"Irrlicht have released version 1.1 of their core Irrlicht Engine together with irrEdit 0.3. New features include scene graph serialization, OGRE .mesh and .b3d import support, screenshot making, improved .3ds, .obj and .ms3d importers, new sphere and skydome scene nodes, general buf-fixes and lots more."

17 August

Xbox development for all

"In the 30 years of video game development, the art of making console games has been reserved for those with big projects, big budgets and the backing of big game labels. Now Microsoft Corp. is bringing this art to the masses with a revolutionary new set of tools, called XNA Game Studio Express, based on the XNA platform. XNA Game Studio Express will democratize game development by delivering the necessary tools to hobbyists, students, indie developers and studios alike to help them bring their creative game ideas to life while nurturing game development talent, collaboration and sharing that will benefit the entire industry."
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Google provides free broadband access

"Google has launched free high speed Internet in its hometown of Mountain View, California. This free wireless Internet access is available to all residents, businesses and even visitors."
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6 August

August DirectX SDK Released

The new version of the DirectX SDK has been released. The new version includes PIX updates (shader debugging, current mesh viewing), many new Direct3D 10 samples and docs, and much more.

5 August

OpenGL turned over to Khronos Group

"The Khronos Group announced yesterday that the OpenGL ARB has voted to transfer control of the OpenGL standard over to the Khronos Group."

24 July

AMD acquires ATI

"Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has agreed to buy ATI Technologies Inc. (ATYT) for $5.4 billion in cash and stock. The transaction will let the No. 2 microprocessor maker expand into graphic chipsets used in high-end PCs, cell phones, and handheld devices. This will change the semiconductor industry by putting AMD on "more equal footing" with its fierce larger rival, Intel (INTC), said Samir Bhavnani, director of research at Current Analysis. "It completes the puzzle for AMD," he said."

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