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What is Win32?

Win32 is the windows API for all 32 bit versions of windows. This API allows you to accomplish many things. This includes window creation, image manipulation, fonts and many more. Obviously since this is a windows API, there will only be tutorial downloads for Windows.

A number of topics will be covered in the tutorials. These tutorials will also be useful in other sections where C++ code is used eg. the OpenGL and DirectX tutorials.

You may also have heard of MFC. These are the Microsoft Foundation Classes. This is another way of using the same functionality as in the Win32 API. Tutorials for MFC will be provided if the community requests it.

It is recommended that you have worked through a majority of the C++ tutorials on this website.

You will encounter other data types when using Win32. Most of these are apparent but each new data type encountered will be explained in each tutorial.

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