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May 2006

26 May

SDL.NET 4.0.4 Released

SDL.NET, the .NET binding project to the popular SDL graphics library, has been made 4.0.4. This release updates to the new SDL 1.2.10 release as well as a number of new features and bug fixes.

21 May

Windows Vista Hardware Requirements Released

\"After months of waiting and all sorts of rumors, Microsoft eventually confirmed the hardware requirements for their far-too-many-times delayed Windows Vista, which is supposed to amaze everyone from January 2007. Windows Vista will need an 800 MHz processor, at least 512 MB of RAM, a 20GB HDD and at least 15GB free, as well as a SVGA and DirectX 9 compliant video card to be \"Vista Capable\". Those wanting to take advantage of all the new graphical features will have to own a PC with a processor of at least 1 GHz, 1GB or RAM memory, a video card with 128MB and a HDD of at least 40GB.\"
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20 May

SDL 1.2.10 Released

\"A new version of the popular cross-platform multimedia library, SDL 1.2.10, has been released. This is a major release, featuring a revamp of the build system and many API improvements and bug fixes.\"

Sony suggests indie Linux PS3 development

\"Gamasutra reports that Sony executive Izumi Kawanishi has illuminated some of his company\'s PlayStation 3 Linux plans, indicating that it will be possible for individual indie coders to create playable content for the PS3.\"

11 May

Nokia annouces their first OpenGL ES 1.1 HW accelerated device

\"After shipping dozens of different handset models with OpenGL ES 1.0 API, Nokia has introduced the N93, their first fully hardware accelerated OpenGL ES 1.1 handset. N93 is capable of rendering millions of triangles per second, while maintaining high image quality by supporting free bilinear filtering and full-screen anti-aliasing. N93 device is currently under conformancy review and is expected to fully conform with OpenGL ES 1.1 specification.\"

\"To support the 3rd party application development, Forum Nokia S60 SDK Plugin for OpenGL ES 1.1 is already available. This plug-in enables full use of the native 3D graphics features supported in the Nokia N93. It also provides an OpenGL 1.1 ES features upgrade, from OpenGL ES 1.0, to the S60 emulator. This enables testing and debugging of OpenGL ES 1.1 compliant Symbian C++ applications without a device.\"

Java Port of Quake 2

\"Jake2 is a pure Java port of the Quake2 game engine. It features OpenGL API-based rendering using jogl and OpenAL sound using joal. A LWJGL driver using the OpenGL API is included as an alternative to the jogl/joal combination. Single player and multiplayer modes are working.\"

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