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February 2006

27 February

SourceForge Now Offers Subversion

\"After much talk of SourceForge offering Subversion as an alternate means of source control, they\'ve finally started the service for all projects hosted on SourceForge.\"

25 February

Google vs eBay

"Google has made an announcement on their blog which could shake up the landscape of buying things online. They are going to start allowing certain parties to sell items through Google Base, which people can buy using credit cards linked to their Google Account."

23 February

Cheetah3D v3.0 Released

\"Cheetah3D is an intutitive 3D modeler for Mac OS X. The new v3.0 adds OpenGL API-based UV Editor, UV unwrapping tools, and live texture painting using pressure sensitive brushes and the basic drawing tools. You can even paint a height texture and see the 3D landscape update live in the OpenGL preview. It also ads a PDF file loader for importing vector content.\"

16 February

Acrobat 3D

"Acrobat 3D lets you add 3D to an Acrobat pdf document. It includes an OpenGL Capture capability that captures any output from a CAD application that is displayed using the OpenGL API (whatever is going through the OpenGL stream), and converts this into an interactive 1 page 3D pdf document. The OpenGL Capture utility will handle geometry, textures, materials and basic shaders."

Nokia to Support Mobile Flash

\"Nokia has announced the launch of its new Nokia PRO developer with Flash Zone. This will provide support and assistance to developers creating Flash applications for mobile devices. The new initiative is the result of a collaboration between Nokia and Adobe.\"

oFusion for 3DStudio Max

\"ACE Studios has annouced its first release of oFusion for Max, a next-gen WYSIWYG content creation toolset for the Ogre engine and 3DStudio Max Includes a Real-Time viewport, full Real-Time material and shader system, scene manager support, auto scene loader lib for your projects, and much more.\"

14 February

February DirectX 9 SDK Released

The February DirectX 9 SDK is now available for developers to download from the Microsoft web site.

New features include :

  • Microsoft Cross-Platform Audio Creation Tool(XACT Release!)
  • FXC10 D3D9 HLSL Shader Compilation
  • New Direct3D 10 Samples and Tutorials
  • Windows Vista Game Explorer (Beta)
  • PIX Improvements

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