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April 2005

29 April

Mac OS X 1.4 - Tiger

Now that Mac's new operating system has been released, you may be wondering what the new updates and modifications include. An in-depth review has been created to answer a number of the questions you may be having.
You can view the article here.

28 April

Best Hacker Ever

This has got to be one of the funniest forum posts I have ever read. It is about someone attempting to be a \"hacker\", but instead he ends up \"hacking\" his own computer.
You can read the post here.

Nasa Releases Open Source Software

NASA scientists today announced they are releasing free software known as Java PathFinder, that will find \'bugs\', or defects, in Java computer code.
Vist the site here.

27 April

New PDF Competitor \"Metro\"

\"The next version of Windows will include a new document format, code-named \"Metro\", to print and share documents, Microsoft said Monday. Metro appears to rival Adobe Systems\'s PostScript and PDF (portable document format) technologies. The format, based on XML (extensible markup language), will be licensed royalty free and users will be able to open Metro files without a special client.\"
Read more here.

22 April

GCC 4.0.0 Release

Version 4.0.0 of the GCC compiler for Linux/Unix has been released.
Visit the website here.

21 April

OpenGL ES Tutorial Update

A number of people have been e-mailing me, asking about how to copy the OpenGL ES dll to the emulator. I have updated the Setting Up Your Environment tutorial to include the information on how this can be achieved.

20 April

Apple Mac Mini

You may have heard of the Apple Mac Mini and were wondering how well it works, especially if you have not used Mac before. Todd Ogasawara has written an article describing his process of acquiring an Apple Mac Mini, setting it up and using it. The article is very useful for those who are thinking of trying one out.
The article can be read here.

Also send me an e-mail if you are interested in tutorials for Mac OS. If there is a great interest, I will look into getting a Mac in the future.

19 April

Site Update

Sorry for the lack of updates. Project deadlines have been coming fast and furious at University. I am hoping to release at least 1 more tutorial by the end of the week.

OpenML Open Source SDK

\"The Khronos Group today announced that its implementation of the OpenML? API is to be made available as open source on Sourceforge. The OpenML specification provides software and hardware developers with a professional-grade, cross-platform, standardized media framework for the capturing, processing, synchronizing and playing of digital media content - including video, audio and 3D graphics - for authoring and content creation systems.\"
Read more here.


Intel Corp. is rolling out its latest product, a computer chip designed for a new high-speed wireless technology called WiMax (for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access). It would allow homes and businesses to receive high-speed Internet service wirelessly instead of via cable or telephone lines. The signal could travel as far as 30 miles, according to Intel.
Read more here.

18 April

Free Star Wars Movie

Panic Struck Productions have just released their first Star Wars movie, 'Revelations.' The movie has been produced on a not-for profit basis by a team of volunteers and is available for free download. The movie is over 40 minutes long.
Take a look at their website here.

13 April

Google\'s Mobile Local Search Service

Google expanded its popular local-search function to mobile devices, offering the ability to \"get local listings, maps and driving directions on your mobile phone or device. The local services are initially available in the U.S. and Canada.
Read more here.

Dual Core Processors Shipped

Intel has been shipping its Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 840, Intel\'s first dual-core processor-based platform, to PC makers. The new Pentium runs at 3.2 GHz, backs Intel\'s Hyper-Threading and is supported by the company\'s 955X Express chipsets. The processors are designed to power gaming enthusiast platforms and workstations. Intel is also preparing a separate dual core chip for everyday desktop use, the Pentium D, which is expected before the summer.
Read more here.

11 April

There has not been much news posted lately as nothing major has happened in the past couple of days. This is just a post to let you know that I am still alive. Please continue to vote for what tutorial you would like to see next and send me any interesting news that you want posted here. Also, remember that there is a forum if you want to ask any questions about the tutorials or if you simply want to make some comments.

5 April

New OpenGL Tutorials

The new OpenGL tutorials have finally been released. You can follow the tutorials either using Win32 or GLUT. Additional GLUT tutorials are also available.

I have also reset the poll. The top 5 categories from the previous results were :

  • OpenGL ES - 27.65%
  • OpenGL - 23.55%
  • DirectX - 12.29%
  • C++ - 10.24%
  • 3dsmax - 6.14%

This result was made up of 293 votes. The tutorials will therefore concentrate mostly on the above categories. Please continue to vote so that I can see what tutorials you are interested in seeing.

4 April

Another Update on the Tutorials

The first couple of OpenGL tutorials have been finished. I was wanting to release them today but I ran out of time on the weekend. They should be packaged today and you should be able to access them either late today or tomorrow GMT.

1 April

OpenGL Tutorials

I have finally finished the OpenGL window tutorial using Win32. The rest of the introductory tutorials should be finished this weekend.

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