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December 2005

30 December

Ogre Using OpenGL ES

A port of the OGRE rendering engine has been made for the PocketPC platform. Since the PocketPC includes no hardware 3D acceleration, it runs over a software implementation of OpenGL ES. You can see screenshots of a couple of the OGRE demos running on a PDA in this forum post.

27 December

Top 10 tech trends for 2006

An interesting article has been released that covers which innovations are likely to take off next year. These include improvements and interest in areas such as internet phone calls, stem-cell research, flu vaccines, video for blogs, wireless coverage and more.
Read more here.

25 December

Blender 2.40 Released

Blender 2.40 has been released. The new release includes new Character animation tools, Modifiers, Particles, Fluids, Booleans and much more.

Merry Christmas

Merry christmas to all. I hope that you all have a safe holiday and enjoy the festivities.

20 December

EaseWrapper Adds Support for 3D GUI

\"EaseWrapper now supports a new feature: all the common GUIs in 3D. Thanks to CeGUI which is fully integrated in EaseWrapper, you can render all the GUI you want directly in 3D (checkbox, list, buttons, sliders, truetype fonts, etc). These new GUIs are fully supported under OpenGL and DirectX.\"

18 December

Linderdaum Engine Launches New Website

\"The Linderdaum Engine is an open source purely object-oriented 3D gaming engine written in C++. It is designed to be not only the class library, but also an integrated out-of-the box solution for the development of interactive 3D games. It uses OpenGL 2.0 and GLSL and has a lot of features which can be found in high-end commercial 3D engines.\"

14 December

December DirectX SDK Released

The latest version of the DirectX SDK is now available for download.

2006 Independent Games Festival Finalists Announced

\"The judges have announced the finalists for the main competition in this year\'s Independent Games Festival. Three finalists are in the \'Best Web Browser Game\' category, and five each in Innovation in Game Design, Technical Excellence, Innovation in Visual Art, Innovation in Audio, and the Seamus McNally Grand Prize.\"

8 December

GLIntercept 0.5 Released

\"GLIntercept, the OpenGL debugger/logger, enables users to view and dump textures/shaders/display lists/functions calls to XML based logs. In addition, provided plugins enable edit and continue support. Version 0.5 adds full support for OpenGL 2.0 with FBO/PBO and draw buffers support (MRT).\"

5 December

Projects Section Updated

I have finally managed to get around to updating the projects section of the website. This page includes some of the various small projects that I have undertaken in the past.

New OpenGL Tutorials

New beginner OpenGL tutorials have been released. Topics include the depth buffer, perspective projection, 3D objects, backface culling and polygon offsets. Please post any comments you may have in the forums.

2 December

Irrlicht 0.14.0 Released

\"A new version of Irrlicht, an open source 3D rendering engine, has been released. This release enables usage of all types of shaders in the .NET version and includes the Apfelbaum Software Renderer, a sub pixel correct software rasterizer with lots of built in materials. Other new features are improved rendering quality, Visual Studio 2005 support, faster terrain rendering, improved GLSL implementation, 2D drawing support in textures, better dmf loader, alpha channel buttons, directional lights and a lot more.\"

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