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January 2005

30 January

New C++ Tutorials

3 new C++ tutorials have been released :

OpenGL Tutorials

I\'ve noticed a number of people visiting the poll to decide whether to upload Win32 or GLUT OpenGL tutorials. If you have problems voting or if you do not want to vote, you can always send me an e-mail via the contact page.

28 January

OpenGL Tutorials

I have been getting a number of requests for OpenGL tutorials. I would like to know if you would prefer OpenGL tutorials created using GLUT or using Win32. The advantages and disadvantages of each are given in the forums along with a poll. The poll is located in the Tutorials > OpenGL section of the forums. Please vote as I will start producing OpenGL tutorials as soon as there are enough votes to make a decision.
Access the poll here

26 January

Forums Opened

Forums have been created for the website. Visit them by clicking the link on the left.

Anoter Big Update

I\'ve been quite busy creating some more tutorials. I have added another 10 C++ tutorials :

Let me know what you think.

24 January

Big Update

Sorry for the lack of updates. To make up for it I have uploaded another 10 tutorials :

I have also updated the C++ index pages to give an idea of what is to follow. I will hopefully get some more tutorials out before February.
Please give feedback on what you think of the tutorials.

6 January

2004 Independent Game of the Year

Game Tunnel has released the top 10 indie games of 2004.
View the list here

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