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December 2004

24 December

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. I will be creating a lot more C++ tutorials in the next week or two. Enjoy your Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

Grand Theft Auto 2 For Free

Rockstar Games has released GTA2 for free.
You can get it here.

New Trojan Attacks Symbian Smart Phones

Yet another Trojan horse is luring the Internet with a need to infect Symbian based smart phones. The malicious Trojan is hidden inside cracked versions of the popular game, Metal Gear Solid. It disables all anti-virus programs and integrates a variant of the Cabir worm, which was detected a while back.
Read more here.

13 December

Robbers Scared Off By Grand Theft Auto

A group of men attempted to burglarize a home when they heard police scanner messages from children playing GTA. The burglars panicked when hearing "Stop! We have you surrounded!". They were eventually apprehended. Read more here.

9 December

Watch out Outlook, here comes Thunderbird

The Open Source Mozilla Project is on a roll and attracting favourable attention and interest right now. Its Firefox 1.0 browser, recently released has created great excitement. Thunderbird is set to follow closely in its footsteps. Read more here

Nvidia to work on PlayStation 3 chip

Graphics chip leader Nvidia announced that it is working with Sony to develop the graphics processor for the next version of Sony's PlayStation video game console. Read more here

1 December

Big Update

It's a new month and I have uploaded another 7 C++ tutorials  :

Please give feedback on what you think of the tutorials.

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