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Deploying GLUT|ES App

I am having some difficulties with setting up OpenGL ES with GLUT|ES. I am currently only trying to create a simple test application using Visual Studio .Net 2005 to create an application to run on a Windows Mobile 5.0 PDA. I have followed the instructions given in the “Setting Up Your Environment” tutorial, although using the wce500\Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK folder. I have then created a project, supplied the path to the header file folder and linked libGLES_CM.lib, glutes.lib and glues.lib, and used the code given in tutorial 3 to create a window to render in. The project then builds fine, but when I attempt to run it I get an error on the device stating “’APPNAME’ is not a valid Pocket PC application”.

I have download the zip files for tutorials 3, 7 and 25. Then transferred the exe files to my PDA and ran them, they all work correctly.

So it would seem as though there is no problem with libGLES_CM.dll and glutes.dll. Has anyone encountered similar problems or have suggestions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Make sure you are using the correct versions of the .libs and .dlls. There are separate downloads for Win32 and Pocket PC. Also, if you still have problems with GLUT|ES, try compiling GLUT|ES from source which usually solves a lot of problems.


I looked through the "Setting Up Your Environment" tutorial again and saw the and decided to give them a try before recompiling the libraries myself, and it worked. :)

I just wish I'd tried them earlier and saved myself several hours of stress.

Thanks for the advice, kind regards,


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