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January 2006

31 January

New ATI Imageon 2380 and 2388 Handheld Processors

\"ATI has announced a complete audio and visual solution for handheld devices: the Imageon 2380 and Imageon 2388. The processors offer end users an enriched multimedia and gaming experience by leading the industry with the implementation of OpenGL ES 1.1 + Extension Pack. OpenGL ES 1.1 + Extension Pack allows game developers and content creators to bring more realistic detail in environments, lighting and objects, while maintaining a high level of interactivity.\"
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Nintendo DS Lite Announced

\"Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has announced the Nintendo DS Lite, to be launched in Japan in March. This slimmer version of the popular handheld also features brighter screens, is two-thirds the size of the original and over 20 percent lighter.\"

Amanith Framework 0.3 Released

\"The Amanith Framework is a cross-platform (Linux, Win32, MacOS X, FreeBSD and IRIX) open source C++ framework for vector graphics. The new 0.3 release adds a full SVG 1.2-compliant enhanced alpha compositing layer, supporting all 24 compositing operations (base and extended Porter-Duff) in pure OpenGL. This makes Amanith the first opensource and crossplatform library that supports all of them in hardware (15 of 24 are available also without fragment programs). In addition a full geometry caching system has been introduced to speed up all drawing tasks.\"

OSGEdit 0.6.1 adds GLSL editing support

\"OSGEdit is an open-sourced editor of 3D scenes for games, scientific applications and real-time simulations using the OpenSceneGraph (OSG) library. The latest version, 0.6.1, adds GLSL editing support with syntax highlighting, and improves usability in several ways like by extending the outliner tree to new OSG types.\"

ATI X1900 Released

\"Gamers and multimedia enthusiasts alike will be delighted by the launch and immediate availability of the Radeon X1900 graphics processor from ATI Technologies Inc. The latest card arrives with 48 pixel shaders, a 650MHz graphics core and 512MB of GDDR3 memory running at 1.55GHz.\"
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27 January

Blender 2.41 Released

"The new Blender v2.41 adds support for OpenGL Shading Language vertex and fragment shaders in the Game Engine. Shader scripts are uploaded using the built-in Python scripting system. The new release also adds multiple UV sets, multiple viewports, the return of the armatures, double sided lighting, alpha test sorting, restoration of sound, and updates to the bullet rigidbody dynamics and collision system."

24 January

New ATI Linux Driver has OpenGL 2.0 support

\"ATI has released their Linux display driver v8.21.7 for 32-bit and 64-bit x86 systems. This new release adds support for OpenGL 2.0.\"

GLee 5.1 Released

"GLee (GL Easy Extension library) is a free cross-platform extension loading library for OpenGL. The latest version provides seamless support for 340 extensions and core functions up to OpenGL 2.0. 6 new extensions have been added since GLee 5.04, including GL_EXT_framebuffer_blit and GL_EXT_framebuffer_multisample. Some minor compiler compatibility issues have also been fixed."

19 January


"FLTK is a cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit for UNIX/Linux(X11), Windows, and MacOS X. It has modern GUI functionality without the bloat and supports 3D graphics via the OpenGL API and its built-in GLUT emulation. The new v1.1.7 enhances the FLUID UI builder."

15 January

Mono 1.1.13 Released

"Mono 1.1.13 stable has been released and comes with many updates including a S390x port, many .NET 2.0 updates, Windows.Forms updates and more.

Mono provides the necessary software to develop and run .NET client and server applications on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows, and Unix."

12 January

Otk OpenGL-based Portable Widget Library

\"Otk is a portable widget library for making graphical user interfaces for C programs. It emphasizes simplicity for the application programmer without eliminating capability. Based on the OpenGL API, Otk supports Linux, Unix, and other OSs. It is simple and compact, and strives for easy compilation and linking to other applications.\"

11 January

New PS3 Shots

New images of the Sony Playstation 3 have been released. Read more about it here.

1 January

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to everyone! 2005 was a good year for ZeusCMD and I would like to thank everyone for their continued support. May 2006 be an even better year.

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