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February 2005

27 February

Website Updates

I have made a number of substantial updates to the website. Most of these changes, you will not see directly. They just make my life easier in updating the website. One improvement that you may enjoy is a next / previous tutorial link at the bottom of each tutorial. Please let me know if any part of the website has broken due to the changes that have been made.

OpenGL ES Tutorials

Some of you may have seen that the Khronos Group are holding a competition for OpenGL ES. OpenGL ES is the OpenGL API for embedded systems and mobile devices. I have decided to participate in this competition by writing a number of OpenGL ES tutorials. Submission closes tomorrow so I will be putting up tutorials for OpenGL ES in the next 2 days.

23 February

Tutorial Updates

I have been extremely busy lately so unfortunately there have not been any new tutorials. I\'m busy working on some more so I should be able to get them on the website before the end of the week. Please continue to send e-mail with any news or comments.

20 February

EU Software Patent Law Faces Axe

"The European Parliament has thrown out a bill that would have allowed software to be patented. Politicians unanimously rejected the bill and now it must go through another round of consultation if it is to have a chance of becoming law." Read more here.

Microsoft Will Recall XBox Power Cords

Microsoft will recall 14 million power cords (or about 70 percent of the approximately 20 million sold) for Xbox game console, after some minor burns reported by users. Read more here.

13 February

GLee 5.02 Released

The OpenGL Easy Extension Library (GLee) has progressed to version 5.02. It supports the complete OpenGL 2.0 feature set and has support for over 332 extensions.
Read more here.

Animadead 2.0 Released

"Animadead provides game developers with an easy to use interface for implementing skeletal animations in a game. Release 2.0 is significantly restructured and has many new powerful features." Animadead is LGPL.
Read more here.

9 February

SoftWIRE for Visual Studio.NET is now free

"SoftWIRE is a graphical programming extension to Microsoft's Visual Studio.NET. Graphical programming greatly simplifies application development. By using intuitive GUI controls in an Icon and Wire design editor, SoftWIRE users can quickly create powerful applications without having to write code."
Download the software here.

4 February

1TB Disks This Year?

Tokyo-based Optware Corp says that holographic storage drives capable of up to 1TB of data storage may be available as early as this year.
Read more here.

2 February

Win32 Tutorials

8 new Win32 tutorials have been added :

If you are interested in OpenGL or DirectX, you should read through these tutorials as the new OpenGL and DirectX tutorials that are going to be written will need the knowledge covered in these tutorials.

Let me know what you think of the tutorials. Expect OpenGL and DirectX tutorials soon.

Voting Poll Update

I've updated the poll on the right to include Win32 and PHP tutorials. I have also increased the size of the text which makes it slightly easier to read. I have noticed that most votes have been going towards OpenGL and DirectX so expect tutorials on these subjects soon.

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